Visit From the Heart of Los Angeles

"The Church with a Oneness of Heart"

“The church in Los Angeles stands up to their name and beyond.  From my first visit almost three years ago through the day that I became an official member, I’ve experienced nothing but love, peace, comfort, joy, support, great energy, great vibes, awesome classes, inclusion, and most of all true Bible teaching of the Word of God from a warm, passionate, caring, and honest Pastor.  I have always felt like part of the family each time I would visit from the warm embraces and hugs of church members.  The feeling continued after I fully joined From the Heart Church Ministries of Los Angeles and has showed no signs of slowing down.   That’s a good thing.  Thank you for remaining true to your name “From the Heart” Church Ministries of Los Angeles.  I feel privileged and honored to sit under a Pastor and First Lady and a church that is here to serve me, my family, and the community with the love and heart of Jesus Christ.”

What Should I Expect?

We pray that you are blessed by the service and that God meets you at your point of need.

Worship Experience

From the Heart Church Ministries of Los Angeles is a family oriented church, and it’s a judgment free church where we have a desire and passion to seek and save the lost, and to restore those who are hurting, wounded, broken, seeking truth, and have lost their way in life. All are welcome!

Preaching the Gospel

The Word of God is rightly divided and correctly interpreted, and the messages are delivered in a simple, scriptural, and Christ-centered manner.


Parking is available in the lot and on the street. Designated handicap parking is located near the entrance.
But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you.
Romans 6:17 KJV